Loc.Pro provides translation services on various fields including software, hardware, technical, life sciences, automotive, business, social sciences, education and law with an experienced staff. We focus on what we know best, and we only provide: Turkish translation, Arabic translation and Greek translation.

• We provide translation solutions that meet the quality standards of our customers thanks to the wide range of qualified translators and linguists specialized in various fields.
• Loc.Pro places great importance on completing translation projects “in time” and “without compromising quality”, and caring about our clients’ priorities and preferences.
• Considering today’s global financial conditions, we pull our weight and provide translation and language services with reasonable rates.
• Loc.Pro respects the confidentiality of your materials and does not reveal them under any circumstance, which makes it a trustworthy partner.

Via our translation services, promote your company worldwide, increase your customer portfolio and find your place in the global world!