Localization is the process to adapt applications, websites and software to the conditions and requirements of the target culture. Localization is a crucial requirement to take part in emerging markets, market your products globally and make your customers more loyal to your products by enabling them to use the products in their own language. Thanks to localization, you can find your place in the global economy and step into new markets.

Loc.Pro provides advanced solutions to localize your software, websites, help modules and multimedia into Turkish, Arabic and Greek.

• Loc.Pro meets the expectations of customers about the target culture as well as taking target culture’s features and customer’s priorities into consideration.
• We localize your products by combining our translation experience and technical know-how.
• We review the technical properties of the product to be localized and use the most appropriate and recent localization software and programs.
• Localization projects may get stuck with errors and problems due to mismanagement by inexperienced professionals. At Loc.Pro, we transfer technical features of the product to the target culture and language without any problem.
• Loc.Pro has an experienced staff to deal with technical features of the platform, whether a website with thousands of pages or a comprehensive software, and quickly overcome possible difficulties.

Work with Loc.Pro to make your products speak Turkish, Arabic and Greek!