Loc.PRO proudly offers its services in the following areas:

Information Technologies:
– Computing Hardware (Printers, Scanners, Monitors, Storage Devices, Accessories)
– Software (Operating Systems, Office Suite and Productivity Tools, ERP, MRP, CRM, Antivirus, Security, Databases, Developer Tools, Utilities, Games, Finance/Banking softwares, CMS, E-commerce, Mobile Apps)
– Telecommunication (Networking Devices, Satellites, Wireless equipments, Messaging/Communication Systems)

Electronics / Consumables:
– Mobile phones (Android OS localization, App localization)
– Mobile devices
– MP3 player, handheld devices
– GPS receivers
– Cameras, Camcorders
– TV/projectors
– Audio/Video electronics
– Househould appliances

– Administration and Management
– Human Resources
– Management Information Systems (MIS)
– Banking, Finance, Economics
– Project Management

Automotive and machinery translation:
– Automotive (Cars,  motorcycles, trucks, auto parts)
– Machines and machine tools
– Industrial/heavy machineries

Life Sciences / Medical:
– Medical devices, equipments
– Pharmaceuticals

Multimedia / Entertainment:
– Toys
– Games
– Game consoles

Others (Legal Materials, EULAs, Social Sciences, Education, E-learning, Travel/Tourism)

We provide English into Turkish translation, English into Arabic translation, English into Greek translation, German into Turkish translation, German into Greek translation, Russian into Turkish translation, French into Turkish translation, French into Greek translation, Spanish into Turkish translation, Spanish into Greek translation, Turkish into English translation and localization services in above areas.