Terminology Mngment

Translators may have difficulties in finding correct equivalents for abbreviations, synonyms and technical terms, etc. in translation projects. When more than one translators work in the same project or one translator works on many files, some terminological inconsistencies may occur. Projects that are mismanaged in terms of terminology may result in texts that are inconsistent, out of context and that cannot express the original meaning. Products including such texts may damage your reputation and competitive power in the market.

Loc.PRO applies a handy terminology management process to provide terminological quality in all projects. Here are the basic principles of the terminology management adopted at Loc.PRO:

  • Inhouse linguists analyze the translated text in terms of language, terminological consistency and grammar, and apply quality checks.
  • In addition to checking terminological consistency, linguists review the text in accordance with linguistic and technical criteria set forth by the project instructions.
  • When the project is handed to more than one translator, linguists pay special attention to translated text to provide terminological consistency in all files.
  • The translations are analyzed via specific tools to check whether terminological quality is assured.