Software Testing

You develop your software product using all of your resources in accordance with the latest technology. However when you localize your product, you may not achieve the quality standards you have expected.

You may have to apply software tests to determine whether a localized product reaches the standards of the original product. Working with Loc.PRO, you can see whether your software localization project meets your expectations.

Our experienced staff at Loc.PRO:

  • Reviews each part of the software individually,
  • Checks whether the menus, buttons, dialog boxes, help modules, etc. of the software work smoothly,
  • Reports the parts of the localized software that do not comply with the appearance, text layout and images of the original product,
  • Checks whether the texts on the images of the software are also localized or not,
  • Follows the recent technologies closely and uses correct testing software.

In addition to our technical staff, our proofreaders also analyze the localized software against Turkish character, hyphenation and linguistic problems.

Use Loc.PRO’s software testing process to reflect your quality standards for your software products to foreign markets and ensure that your software localized into Turkish, Arabic and Greek work free of problems just like the original.