Multilingual SEO

Do you want to target international markets? Great idea! Why would you stuck in the local markets in the “online” era we live in. But do you think that having a multilingual website would be sufficient to attract international potential customers? We don’t think so.

The demand for online shopping, both for B2C and B2B, has dramatically increased in the last few years.. No matter what your potential customer type is, you should make some effort to reach your audience. One of the most effective (and low cost) ways to do this is,using search engines. Only on Google, 3 billion search queries are made daily . In order to have a higher chance in your potential customers’s finding your website, the key is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, with the fashionable abbreviation.

Even though your web site is optimized for your local market, this effort should also be made for each market you want to target. This is where Loc.PRO can help you.

With our multilingual SEO services, we search the keywords for your markets and create a list of keywords that your potential visitors may search for. We also benchmark your current position against your competitors (SERP report). The keywords are used for content authoring with keyword injection method. Upon your request, we can offer you content authoring services in the local languages of your target markets.