International Marketing

“Pet sweat” – a good example for poor marketing translation.

Have you ever heard the phenomenon of ”Engrish“? It refers to misuse of English, caused by incorrect translation. It might sound funny, but can you imagine how awful it would be if your product package or your ad had this kind of translation? Here we are, not to leave you in this kind of situation. From your marketing text, brochures, leaflets to ads for your “Search Engine Marketing” campaigns or email text for your “Email Marketing” campaign…

If you want to use paid search engine results, such as Google Adwords, with the Google Certified Professionals we employ, we are ready to assist you in your online ad campaigns by offering you the most effective keywords or ad text in local languages that are translated by native speakers. We know how important it is to preserve the tone you want your potential visitors to hear from you and we convey it in all language versions of your ads. The hand-picked keywords and the ad text that are translated by professional translators would significantly help you to make the most of your ad campaign.