Testimonials M.P.

Great communication and responsiveness. Very pleased with your services. Keep up the good work!
-M.P., Project Manager


A very friendly and cooperative PM, one that you can definitely count on!
-E.D., Project Manager

Testimonials C.

It has always been a pleasure working with Hale and Loc.PRO. They can almost always accommodate requests last minute requests with multiple languages and short timelines.
-Christian, Project Manager

Testimonials K.W.

I would say that I am very happy with our cooperation. You are one of the first people to confirm a project and also you usually deliver before the deadline. Very communicative which is a major plus for me. And there is always a positive attitude on your side!
-K.W., Project Manager

Testimonials V.D.

Great company to work with! Very responsive to emails, able to negotiate and accommodate timelines if needed, and deliveries are always on time.
-V.D., Project Manager

Testimonials JP

Loc.Pro always delivers files on time with constantly good quality. I know that the translations are handled with care and professional approach.
-J.P., Project Manager

Testimonials S.D.

Delivers the projects in time and with a high level of quality, eventhough deadline in this industry are sometimes quite tight.

S.D., Account Manager

Testimonials J.B.

Excellent communicator, very dependable and always delivers on time!

J.B., Account Manager

Testimonials M.D.

Very responsive, acts quickly, and always delivers quality on time. It’s been a pleasure working with.

M.D., Account Manager

Testimonials Z.O.

Easily delivers the most complicated projects with good quality and in a timely manner!

Z.O., Language Specialist

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