Desktop Publishing

Integrating translated texts to the products to be localized, namely the desktop publishing is a challenging process. Loc.PRO is a trustworthy partner that can handle desktop publishing projects in all languages with its extremely skilled DTP staff.

• Fonts specific to target language, characters from languages like Hebrew and Arabic, which are not supported by your current infrastructure, may ruin the appearance of the localized version of your product. In addition, when the target text is longer than the source text, the layout of the printed material may not look smooth. Desktop publishing experts that do not have a good command of the target language may hyphenate the words or sentences inaccurately, which suggests that only in-country linguists can truly localize a product. At Loc.PRO, we adopt this principle in DTP business, assigning projects to in-country DTP professionals speaking the language of the material.
• Loc.PRO can work with any format no matter which media or platform the original product is published.
• Loc.PRO has the expertise, experience and infrastructure to work with various media including books, websites, PDF manuals, e-learning platforms.
• We can publish the translated material in a new media without using the original product or can add the translated material to an existing media. For instance, if you want to add a few pages associated with Turkish market to a PDF document introducing your product, Loc.PRO will create these pages using the target text and add them to PDF.
• You may have to restart DTP projects due to irrevocable errors caused by improper software use, which results in loss of time and money. At Loc.PRO we closely follow the localization technologies and choose the most suitable software for your projects. Furthermore, Loc.PRO has the appropriate infrastructure to overcome even the most challenging and complex DTP projects.