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Leveraging our 22-years of experience we had gained in the localization business, Loc.PRO provides complete translation and localization services in Turkish, Arabic and Greek in top-notch quality thanks to our well-experienced project management and linguistic team. As an RLV (Regional Language Vendor),we have been adding more language pairs to our portfolio upon request of our clients. Our corporate objective to become one-stop translation and localization partner of the translation buyers for all Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Turkic languages has shown it’s positive results thanks to meeting the expectations of our customers with their continuous trust, offering uncompromising quality and always being attentive to project requirements. As a result, our corporate objectives are realized in every quarter of the year along with the new opportunities. Turning our goals into reality is the expected consequences of being open to innovation and ability to adapt it instantly, working with a well-experienced team, having a strong portfolio and business network.

We know how important quality is and we place it in the first place of our priority list.
For this reason, we are using an internal interactive QA tool to maintain our quality at the highest level, support our current or new resources with our feedbacks for the sake of relevant projects.
With the ability of this interactive QA tool, we send the change reports and feedbacks to our translators automatically.
Furhermore, our reviewers and translators are able to review the QA results and discuss them in an interactive environment exchanging the ideas with each other.

With average of 22 years of experience in localization, our project managers are at your service with your most demanding projects.
Our team is able to turn technical innovations and new operational approaches into their daily routine by orienting themselves them very quickly.

In today’s market, it’s crucial to have good rates in order to be one (maybe two) step ahead. As your partner, we do our part offering you competitive rates.

Quality only matters when the project is delivered on time.
We know the importance of this basic need at Loc.PRO and doing our best for keeping our reputation, “highly punctual”.
Please see the testimonials for our track records.

Communication is one of the essentials of completing a project sucessfully.
Our experienced PMs are always accessible and responsive and they provide accurate information in a continuous basis.

We have an extensive resource pool with extremely skilled linguists with a wide range of specialty.

We have a unique feedback and quality control process which is for both preventative and corrective actions: before the final delivery to the customer, all projects are processed by our interactive QA tool which offers our translators and reviewers the ability to discuss online and exchange their ideas. Every internal team member and external resource have their own unique accounts to access this tool and their automated QA results and change reports are provided them by e-mail automatically. Thanks to this tool, the translators are able to access to results and feedback whenever they would like to, as all the data are saved online without any expiration date. The advantage of this tool is not just providing feedback or change reports, but also acting as a database and a kind of a style unique for the relevant projects utilizing the accumulated feedback, recommended preferential translations and the suggestions provided by the reviewers regularly.


The services in question comprise linguistic (translation, localization, terminology management, MT post-editing, transcreation and SEO), software testing and DTP services. In accordance with innovative approaches of industry or the modern needs, our team and technical infrastructure is always prepared to get into the act accordingly.

OS, applications, programs, etc.

Services and maintenance guides, instructional guides.

User guides and handbooks, etc.

Corporate, marketing, online shopping, etc.

Technical information, description and assistance, etc.

Brochures, web sites, portals, various advertising materials, etc.

Business agreements, copyright, licences, terms and conditions, etc.

Business agreements, copyright, licences, terms and conditions, etc.

Review and edit machine translations providing feedback and insight to develop MT output quality.

Adaptation of the source content into the target language in accordance with local linguistic requirements.

Testing sofwares for technical, functional and linguistic aspects. Implementing required fixes and approving ready software for end-user experience.

Industry-specific terminology services, glossary creation.

Creation of linguistic style guide to provide consistent and correct grammar rules for the target language.

Planning the whole process for a potential or actual project and providing consultancy accordingly.

Creation of visual and printed materials with broad options.

We are providing our linguistic services from English, German, French into Turkish, Arabic and Greek currently. Please do not hesitate to contact us for other services or language pairs.



– Computing Hardware (Printers, Scanners, Monitors, Storage Devices, Accessories)
– Software (Operating Systems, Office Suite and Productivity Tools, ERP, MRP, CRM, Antivirus, Security, Databases, Developer Tools, Utilities, Games, Finance/Banking softwares, CMS, E-commerce, Mobile Apps)
– Telecommunication (Networking Devices, Satellites, Wireless equipments, Messaging/Communication Systems)

– Mobile phones (Android OS localization, App localization)
– Mobile devices
– MP3 player, handheld devices
– GPS receivers
– Cameras, Camcorders
– TV/projectors
– Audio/Video electronics
– Househould appliances

– Administration and Management
– Human Resources
– Management Information Systems (MIS)
– Banking, Finance, Economics
– Project Management

– Automotive (Cars, motorcycles, trucks, auto parts)
– Machines and machine tools
– Industrial/heavy machineries

– Medical devices, equipments
– Pharmaceuticals

– Toys
– Video Games (PC, Android, PlayStation, Xbox)
– Games

– MT Post-editing, SEO
– Transcreation
– Energy and Raw Materials
– Chemistry
– Legal Materials
– Social Sciences
– Sport, Textile, Education ,E-learning
– Travel/Tourism, Military Equipment

Creation of visual and printed materials with broad options.


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